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Visual Basic Customization

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Is this possible with GetRemoteFile method

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05-20-2009 01:12 PM
I'm trying to download a .dvb file from my Web site and load it locally into AutoCAD. I can download with the Getremotefile method with out any problems. The problem is with the downloaded file, it is unusable. When I try to load the file manually I get a message indicating 'unable to load file'. In comparing the downloaded file size with the file on my Web server, the downloaded file is considerably smaller.

So, hopefully someone can tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

Dim strURL As String
Dim strLocalName As String

strUrl = "http://DomainName/myFile.dvb"

thisDrawing.utility.getremotefile strUrl, strLocalName, true

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Is this possible with GetRemoteFile method

04-19-2010 11:32 PM in reply to: Eddie68
Hi Eddie
I hope this code help you

strLocalFilePath = "c:\storedfile"
strLocalFile = ""
strLocalUrl = strLocalFilePath & "\ACAD\" & "myFile.dvb"
strRemoteUrl = "http://DomainName/myFile.dvb"
Utility.GetRemoteFile(strRemoteUrl, strLocalFile, True)
On Error Resume Next
FileSystem.MkDir(strLocalFilePath & "/ACAD")
FileSystem.FileCopy(strLocalFile, strLocalUrl)
On Error GoTo 0
If Utility.IsRemoteFile(strLocalFile, strRemoteUrl) Then
boolDownload = True
boolDownload = False
End If
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