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Visual Basic Customization

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How to create new UCS object?

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05-04-2005 02:54 AM
I want to create a new UCS, but the following code doesn't create the new UCS and doesn't send any error message.
The oUCS object still Nothing after the code run. Can anyone help me if the last line is correct or not? ( Set oUCS = ...)



Dim oUCS As AcadUCS
Dim oDOC as AcadDocument
Dim origin(0 To 2) As Double
Dim xAxisPoint(0 To 2) As Double
Dim yAxisPoint(0 To 2) As Double

origin(0) = 2: origin(1) = 2: origin(2) = 0
xAxisPoint(0) = 3: xAxisPoint(1) = 2: xAxisPoint(2) = 0
yAxisPoint(0) =2: yAxisPoint(1) =3: yAxisPoint(2) = 0

Set oDOC=Autocad.ActiveDocument
Set oUCS = oDOC.UserCoordinateSystems.Add(origin, xAxisPoint, yAxisPoint, "UCS1")
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Re: How to create new UCS object?

05-04-2005 05:20 AM in reply to: tothpal
Works for me but the call to the global Autocad.ActiveDocument looks dangerous.
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