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Visual Basic Customization

*BFA, Nick Fuller
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Drawing Format Variable?

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07-14-2003 09:14 PM
Is there a "getvar" argument I can use to return the version of AutoCAD that
the drawing in question is saved in?
*McMaster, Gary
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Re: Drawing Format Variable?

07-14-2003 10:12 PM in reply to: *BFA, Nick Fuller
No. There is no system vaiable that stores the version.

The lisp below will return the version. This snip was posted in the lisp
group. I don't remember who the author is.

In VBA you can also open the file and read in the first six characters and
make similar comparisons to those below


; Sample call, next line
;(acadver "C:/8020 Drawing Files/2D DWG/2089-2d.dwg")

(defun acadver (dwgname / version_list version ch fp)
(setq version_list '(
("MC0.0 " . "1.1")
("AC1.2 " . "1.2")
("AC1.4 " . "1.4")
("AC1.50" . "2.0")
("AC2.10" . "2.10")
("AC2.20" . "Internal version 2.20")
("AC2.21" . "Internal version 2.21")
("AC2.22" . "Internal version 2.22")
("AC1001" . "Internal version pre-2.5")
("AC1002" . "2.5")
("AC1003" . "2.6")
("AC1004" . "R9")
("AC1005" . "Internal pre-R10")
("AC1006" . "R10")
("AC1007" . "Internal pre-release R11")
("AC1008" . "Internal pre-release R11")
("AC1009" . "R11/12")
("AC1010" . "Early internal R13")
("AC1011" . "Late internal R13")
("AC1012" . "R13")
("AC1013" . "R14 Pre-Release")
("AC1014" . "R14.0, 14.01")
("AC1500" . "2000 Pre-Release")
("AC1015" . "2000/2000i/2002")
(setq version "")
((null (findfile dwgname)) "Cannot find Drawing")
((null (setq fp (open dwgname "r"))) "Cannot read Drawing")
(repeat 6
(setq ch (read-char fp))
(setq version (strcat version (chr ch)))
(close fp)
(cdr (assoc version version_list))
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