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Another 64 VBA problem

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09-04-2012 07:39 AM

We are beginning to purchase 64 bit computers and I am having problems with many of our legacy VBA programs.  I understand that we should convert our code to VB.Net, but for now, I need to see if I can get these older programs to work.


As I browse this discussion group, I see that I am not alone with problems in upgrading to 64 bit.


An example of one problem is shown in the sub-routine below.  It is used to change the active layout and has worked perfectly for years on our 32 bit computers.  The error occurs at ActiveDocument = DOC and the error states, "Compile Error: Invalid Use of Property"


Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!



Public Sub GotoLayout(LayoutName As String)
 ' This will go to the layout that is specified
 Dim DOC As AcadDocument
 Dim LAY As AcadLayout
 Dim found As Boolean
 found = False
 'cycle through the layouts in the active document
 For Each LAY In ThisDrawing.Layouts
  If LAY.Name = LayoutName Then
   ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout = ThisDrawing.Layouts.Item(LayoutName)
   found = True
  End If
 'if you have not found the layout yet, then search all open drawings
 If found = False Then
  For Each DOC In Documents
   For Each LAY In DOC.Layouts
    If LAY.Name = LayoutName Then
     ActiveDocument = DOC ' <- Here is where the error occurs
     ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout = ThisDrawing.Layouts.Item(LayoutName)
     found = True
    End If
 End If
 'if you have not found the layout yet, do not continue
 If found = False Then
  MsgBox ("The " & LayoutName & " layout could not be found.")
 End If

End Sub

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Re: Another 64 VBA problem

09-04-2012 11:31 AM in reply to: keithjk

Change to     DOC.Activate


(defun botsbuildbots() (botsbuildbots))
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