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Re: Acad 2014 to Access-Run-time error 429 Activex component can't create object

05-10-2013 03:21 PM in reply to: grant73



I just wasn't satisfied that there was not a workaround for this, so I re-read a thread I had started a couple of years ago:


I thought I had tried everything that was suggested in that thread, but I think I missed one crucial piece.  In the second to last comment, someone posted that you could load the 64bit MS Access Database Engine on a system with MS Office 32bit by using the /passive parameter to install it.  Success!!!  It worked!  The 64bit engine installed, I added a reference to the code and blam... old vba code connecting to Access .mdb files in AutoCAD 2014 64bit!!!


I now have my crutch! :smileyhappy:


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Re: Acad 2014 to Access-Run-time error 429 Activex component can't create object

05-10-2013 04:08 PM in reply to: Rob.O

There is another option to allow to to use you VBA routines on a 64Bit Windows computer.


There is a company (Longbow Software) which allows you to install 32bit Autocad on a 64bit Win7 computer.

There is a memory limit about 3Gb for 32bit AutoCAD installed on a 64bit Win 7 computer.


If your cad files are not extra large > 15MB-20MB you will not see a memory limit problem.


You may be surprised that AutoCAD 32 bit is not slower than 64 bit AutoCAD on the 64bit Win 7 computer.


The other benefit of using the Longbow Software and installing a 32 bit version of AutCAD, is that the VBA programs will run fast. You have probably noticed how slow VBA programs are when running on 64bit AutoCAD on a Win 7 computer.


I would recommend anyone wanting to keep using their old VBA software try the longbow software, I have been able to continue to use my older VBA programs on a newer Win 7 64 bit computer, and the VBA programs run at the faster speed,


Search this site for Longbow.






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