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Recycle bin

Status: Future Consideration
by Active Contributor jbj on ‎07-17-2012 12:35 AM

Instead of permanently deleting files from vault, make a recycle bin type functionality in Vault.


Upon right clicking a folder, we should have the option to undelete the files (with dependents).


Emptying the recycle bin should be an administrative task

by Contributor Maarten65 on ‎07-25-2012 04:35 AM

Empty the trash should be done by job server (scheduled, for example older then 24 hours)


And searches do not shown parts from this location.

Users are not allowed to create assemblies referring to parts in the trash loaction.

by Contributor dominik.gleinser on ‎08-07-2012 12:52 AM

We got a lot of feedback from customers! Such a recycle bin would be helpful!


by Board Manager on ‎09-20-2012 09:59 AM
Status changed to: Under Review
by Contributor RPdAnjou on ‎01-31-2013 04:58 AM

Great request.


Productstream Professional already has this and it comes in handy verry often, but also brings complexity to things.


When deleting a document, you have to track a few things:

Can userser cerate new files with the same revison as the deleted file?

Can user see whats deleted by another user?

by Active Contributor ihiengdept on ‎02-28-2013 12:20 PM

Agreed.  This is nearly a critical feature in a modern version control system.  Humans make mistakes (delete wrong file/folder) and if there are changes not yet in backup, your starting fresh.  Also the whole backup/restore mess is time consuming & it creates some system down time.


I'll second the scheduled server emptying.  User setting for frequency & only empties items deleted more than X days ago.


Space is almost never the issue (so archiving data isn't a problem), but it's important to keep things clean and organized.  This is easier and quicker if you know you can pull a mistake out of the trash bag.

by Board Manager on ‎04-17-2013 02:11 PM
Status changed to: Future Consideration
by *Expert Elite* on ‎04-24-2013 03:09 AM

It's not quite the same, but we have an internal Vault folder called 'files to be deleted'.  Users do not have rights to delete files so anything they want deleted, they move into that folder and I trash it periodically.

A recycle bin would be great but I don't know how that sits with SQL, re-using a file name/number of a file sitting in the recycle bin etc.  I suspect any recycle bin functionality they consider would just be what Ive described, a jazzed up Vault folder.

by Contributor Maarten65 on ‎12-20-2013 01:10 AM

I created a folder called TRASH which I as admin have to clean manually once a week. Just like Neil_Cross mentioned. Should be done by the system of course.

by JHUNT107 on ‎06-19-2014 11:04 AM

My Vault has a 'Mark for Delete' workflow State. Only admins have visibility for this state so we can easily change them back to WIP if requested. 'Mark for Delete' files are confirmed to be deleted at the end of the month and then archived to a server. This method works well and I was glad to have it last week when a user made a mistake.

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