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PLM 360 Vault Sync Flexibility

Status: Future Consideration
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-07-2012 01:20 PM

Currently the Sync tool only allows for Released & Obsolete items to be sync'd. Which essentially restricts the use of Vault Item data within PLM 360 to post design. I want to be able to use PLM 360 within the design process to extend our data out to other departments for sourcing/purchasing etc production BOM review & also for clients to log in & take part in the design review process 


At the moment thats not possible.


I would want to control what gets sync'd entirely based on the Saved Search criteria. That way its 'insanely configurable' within the searchable properties of the Vault Item master.

by Employee on ‎10-29-2012 10:36 PM

Scott, moving this to the Vault IdeaStation.

by Board Manager on ‎11-15-2012 07:44 AM
Status changed to: Under Review
by Contributor pney on ‎11-30-2012 05:20 AM

Along the same lines as this post:


Our company currently uses Vault Collaboration and is evaluating PLM.  The biggest drawback that we've found is the inability of PLM to link to VC.  We have thought long and hard about upgrading to Vault Pro, but have decided against it.  Like the post above, our Design department needs to integrate with the rest of the companyl; PLM offers this, Vault Pro does not (in our opinion).  In my personal opinion, I don't understand why you must have an Item generator (Vault Pro) to sync with PLM in order to create more Items.  The biggest feature that we would like to see, one that could sway our decision to pursue PLM, is the ability to convert Vault Collaboration Parts/Assemblies/Drawings to PLM Items directly.  Vault Pro does this nicely within its own boundaries, however it doesn't have the power that PLM could potentially have.

by Board Manager on ‎01-28-2014 08:45 AM
Status changed to: Future Consideration
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