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Make Synchronize Properties Built in

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎09-13-2013 11:30 AM

I think it is crazy that everytime the state is changed within vault, specifically from "Released" to WIP, I have to synchronize the properties.  Why aren't the properties automatically syncing when the state is changed.  They should be.  Changing states should not be a two step process.

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Create and manage users; Assign newly created user to default group.

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by Valued Contributor gary.belisle ‎12-17-2013 11:45 AM - edited ‎12-17-2013 11:46 AM


When automatically creating new user accounts, it would be nice to have them set to a default Group such as a "View Only" group. This would virtually eliminate the number of requests to the Vault Administrator needed to set up each user account. (For me at least...)




Status: Solution Provided
If you are using Active Directory groups and users, this is already done. A new user that is in a domain group that has already been added to Vault will get an automatically created vault user account with the appropriate group and permissions.
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to copy a design needs often a lot of time to rename.

If the copy should bei in the same folder, you have to delete at every file the " (2)" and rename it.

There are the options prefix and suffix but i think its not enough.With them you can olny add something, not replace ore delete.


With options like rename it will be quicker.



You have files with speeking filenames like this:







and want to make this:






you have need a lot of time.


Best regards







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Custom Object Linking to Files

Status: Solution Provided
by Valued Contributor mark.cloyed on ‎01-20-2014 09:23 AM

Custom objects can have as their contents, a link to a file, but the file does not show a link back to a custom object.  It would be valuable to create a two-directional link between a file and a custom object, so that we can see both what files have been associated with a custom obect and at the file level, what custom objects have been associated to that file.  As an example, one client would like to create a custom object for each of their outside contractors.  When a contractor is sent a file for modification, we would like to create a link between that file and the contractor.  Now, we can go to the contractor and see what files they control,  but we cannot go to a file and see how many contractors have received that file.  This would be valuable to know.


Status: Solution Provided
This is already possible today. Here are the steps: 1. Select the file, 2. go to the Tab "Where Used" 3. Make sure the Filter for the custom object e,g. contractor is checked 4. Select Expand all as a results you will see the linked custom object in this case the linked contractors to the specific file
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Recover Drawing with Vault

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by emion on ‎01-14-2014 07:33 AM

Would like to impliment a recover using the Vault system storage.


Add a button to support Opening the AutoCAD file and recover the drawing.



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How many times to you put something in the search box only to find that you've previously navigated to the wrong folder?  And then when you move to the correct folder, Vault resets the search field and you have to type everything back in again?

This happens to me all the time.  Wouldn't it be great if the search box didn't reset itself when we navigate between folders?  I think so.

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I know that Vault has a drag and Drop for Excel, word and other files.  But no AutoCAD drawings.


I know that AutoCAD has to associate the drawings and locations of those drawings via Xrefs etc.


But if there is no associated drawings to the specific drawing you want to place inside Vault.  You should be able to support a Drag and Drop command for the drawing.



Status: Solution Provided
Eric, you can drag and drop AutoCAD files if you turn off the "Disable Check In of Design Files" option in the Vault Settings dialog.
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Add Lifecycle State to Drawing

Status: Solution Provided
by david.rust on ‎11-12-2013 08:34 AM

It would be really useful if you could map the Vault Lifecycle state to the Drawing.  This would be useful as a visual ‘stamp’ whether a Drawing has been released or not.

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If I have an item released and I want to migrate it to my current version of inventor, I have to change the state to Work In Progress, check the file out, save it, check it back in, update the item in item master, and finally re-release the item.  Currently my company has about 200,000 items in our item master, so doing this manually is not an option.  Can we get a utility that will do all 6 of these steps automatically?

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Drawing compare

Status: Solution Provided
by Mentor on ‎08-23-2012 10:33 AM

Would like to see drawing compare added back into Vault. This was part of Design Review several years ago and it allowed you to overlay two .idw's and it would identify the differences. This was removed in about the 2008/2009 release of Vault/Design Review. It was similar to the BOM compare. did work. We often need to compare the .idw's attached to an item from one revision to another. We lost alot when this feature left.


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