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Vault Preview Tab

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by barceloj on ‎11-24-2014 06:19 AM

I would like to suggest that the "View..." & "Update" buttons not be part of the area that can be scrolled.

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We use these commands quite often. To save the steps of having to select a file and then have to go to the File menu takes a lot of time. I would love to have these options available when RMB selecting the file itself. It seems like a simple and logical addition.


Below is a photoshopped edit of what I'm asking for....


pack and go send file link.jpg

Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for submitting your idea. The challenge we have is balancing this menu with the right command versus overloading the menu with too many commands. Can you give us your opinion on how to best balance this menu?
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I would love it if you could just double click a Change Order and it give you the same options and capabilities as when you RMB and select Edit on a Change Order. It takes less time to double click than it does to right click and then scroll over in a menu. This would save a lot of time (and confusion to new Vault users) because right now if someone wants to add a record to a Change Order they've already created they have to remember to RMB and Edit. Why can't we have the same features just by double clicking it? This would also allow you to get rid of the "View and Respond" redundancy that further makes thing more confusing for Vault users.


Work smarter not harder I say.

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Vault licensing flexibility

Status: Future Consideration
by *Expert Elite* | International Moderator on ‎01-17-2013 12:09 AM

Please, add an ability to use several Vault license types at one server. For example, using combination of Vault Collaboration and Vault Professional.

Because not all users need the top functionality, but read-only from web-client is not enough for them - so why pay more? Customers really need this feature.


One of discussions: at Vault forum.

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We have over 35 people using Vault and creating shortcuts that make messes. We can't reuse certain files because they are Released and perhaps at Revision H. Vault needs to add the ability to clear out a copied file's State and Revision to an initial design designation.
Status: Implemented

Implemented in Vault 2015 R2 version of Copy Design

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When I make a copy design of a simple assembly (composed of 2 parts and one drawing), even if I set the parameters to those files only, it takes about 5 min because Vault downloads on my computer all the files (~700) needed for the mega assembly where my simple assembly goes.


Couldn't that be simpler and faster?


I have been told by my local Autodesk support that "Inventor needs all the files to be able to correct the whole without compromising other links"


I still don't understand why, because it works very well when I make a simple copy-paste in Windows, and it's very quick!

Status: Implemented

Implemented in Vault 2015 R2 - Copy design no longer downloads files.

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We're using full SQL replication and as far as I know, the document numbering schemes are having no issues with being used across multi-sites so on face value, I can't see why the Item numbering schemes should.

Technically speaking again, I get the 'if a workgroup goes down' theory but to be honest if a business is large enough to justify having multi-site replication, it'll be sitting on a pretty good IT infrastructure so although you can never say never, it's a rare occurence for a site to compeletely go down.  However, item's being created is an event that occurs multiple times, hundreds of times per day.  

In addition to that, I worked in the reseller channel for nearly a decade and this was never publicised by Autodesk, I had no idea that we needed to consider this when building multi-site implementations.  A Google search for "autodesk vault item number replication" returns zero information on this and confirms that I haven't missed an technical publications on this story.


The concept of having a numbering scheme per site isn't a practical one, if you allowed the option of defaulting a specific numbering scheme to a specific site then it would be close to being a considerable option.  If it was up to me, I'd consider altering product behaviour to either:


1) Provide an administrative option whereby if a workgroup goes down, prevent any Items being generated.  Then it's up to me, if a site goes down I can simply stop Items being made until things come back online.


2) Keep the current existing workflow, but in the event of a disconnection between publisher and subscriber, when the failed site comes back online, Vault creates an ADMS task to automatically renumber any Items created during that time with the [@WORKGROUP suffix], giving them the next available number.  Warn all users with an in-client prompt that the Items they're creating may be automatically renumered when the system fault is resolved.


3) Most if not all everyday Vault users are not going to have a clue about what we're talking about here, so when this numbering conflict occurs through standard workflow, at least give them an in-client prompt or warning explaining why their Item number isn't now what they first thought it was.


4) Make the Item numbering schemes work the same way as the document numbering schemes!


I can think of many more options, most of which including the above are all much more favorable than what we have now which is Vault modifying production data at will without any warning to the user.


** Pulled from newsgroup post:

Status: Accepted
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Consider this Scenario


(VP2013) Connected Workgroup


Workgroup A (Admin Ownership)

   Vault SiteServer 1


Workgroup B

   Vault Site Server 2


If you log into "Vault Site Server 1" and initiate a "Replicate Now" on a database on "Vault Site Server 2".


This message is written into the ADMS Console log on "Vault Site Server 1"

15/02/2013 9:30:18 PM Replication has been initiated.


The Wish is to give more information on this and similar commands. It would be useful if the log file said


15/02/2013 9:30:18 PM Filestore Replication has been initiated for <database x> on <Vault Site Server>. Refer to the log files on <Vault Site Server> for more information.



Status: Accepted
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Ability to Copy Design Previous Revisions

Status: Accepted
by *Expert Elite* on ‎06-06-2013 01:06 PM

We have a situation where we have an assembly that we need to make a copy design of an old revision of.

Without jumping through a ton of hoops this would make a nice enhancement for this software.

Status: Accepted
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establish a system, where known issue go directly to the customer (especially platinum users)

e.g. WorkgroupReplication.xml issues and things where we can easily improve our system like web.config tweaks.

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