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Apologies if this is a repeat post, nothing came up on the subject search.


Forgetting data standard, iLogic, or any other methods that require programming knowledge and complicated ancillary file editing.  It would be extremely useful if Vault (probably Pro) could allow an administrator to apply check-in criteria.  I see it as being similar to the category allocation rules, configurable via the Vault Client in the administration options.  E.g.


Document check-in is refused if there is no comment entered into the check-in dialog.

Document check-in is refused if there is no description in the iProperty of the file.

Document check-in is refused if the local file is not generated from a Vault numbering scheme, or does not follow the format a pre-configured naming scheme/standard.


Anything like that would be a good starting point to help us make Vault a better document management system.  There would be stipulations and hundreds of points to consider, such as child file states etc but the idea in principle is something which is lacking in Vault currently.


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Use path as a condition

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by Mentor on ‎10-30-2014 12:21 AM



Can you add the possibilité to use the path of the file for a condition (rules, transition).


This will be very usefull in this case:

Departement A works in $\designs\DepA => all files must fall in a DepA Category

Departement B works in $\designs\DepB => all files must fall in a DepB Category


Thanks in advance

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Have you tried using Data Stanadards to see if this will do what you are requesting?

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I work at a company, where we don't have direct 'easily' attainable access to the Vault server.

A GREAT addition to the client 'admin' area, is the option to start a re-index of properties.  



Status: Under Review
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I found this post on the forum:


that was back in 2008, and as far as I know there is still nothing like this available. I think it would really help manage vault files.




"I think it would be useful if PS would email users if they have a checked out file in Vault that has been checked out for more than X number of days/weeks etc without any activity (new checkin). I've found some people purposely or accidentally checkout a file and forget about it.
I tried having them create a saved search, but it needs to be more of a "in the face" reminder.

It could also be a popup when you login that says something like... "you have X number of files that have been checked out for X number of days, would you like to checkin the files now?" Granted this may be tougher since you will have to use Inventor to do the actual checkin."



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When creating and working with lifecycle states, I want to be an environment like this...



Something with boxes and arrows that I can drag around.  I graphical approach like this is easier to work with and provide an easy way to see how files get routed through the entire lifecycle.


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We have a series of part numbering schemes created over the last couple years.

When viewing the number schemes in the Creation Tool, they are listed in alphabetical order.

However, when actually using the number schemes to create new part numbers, they are listed in order of creation. (See snapshot.)

It would be good to see this list in alphabetical (alphanumeric) order.


Note: This same behavior is seen with the ECO routing list.


Item Number Scheme.gif

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Backup or Exporting My Search Folders

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor miechh on ‎04-17-2014 02:46 AM

This is quite an annoying issue. I've created several Search Folders in Vault, which contain pretty complex search-parameters. Every time we migrate to a newer version of Vault (almost every year) I have to manually 'redesign' these search criteria... FOR EACH WORKSTATION THAT USES VAULT in our company!


It would be a great improvement of Vault Basic to incorporate a tool/function to export/backup AND import the search folders. Can't imagine other users don't think the same.

Status: Accepted
Are you referring to Saved Searches?
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Very low priority I think.  But would be good to see a change here if it's relatively simple to implement.


Basically when you enable the File Size column in the Vault grid view, it displays the property in MB.  Which is great, I'm fine with that.


However when you search for a file using the same File Size property, it can only search for files based on BYTES.


So to find files greater than 200mb, I have to search FILE SIZE > 200000000.

The irony being the search results even show the results in MB, which it will do as it's the same column all through the grid view.

A good solution would be to allow the user to input the unit type into the search, or select from a drop down menu (b/mb/gb/tb) and Vault could then perform a unit conversion if it needed to.


27-11-2014 10-25-10.png


My requirement to search for large files stems from a totally unrelated issue, my users are using bad practice to create derived parts where some exceed 1GB in size resulting in unworkable assemblies.  So I needed to find all large files to begin addressing the issues.  I can still find the files using a unit conversion to bytes, I'm not going to lie though I had to Google a unit conversion utility to do a bytes conversion! 

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Recycle bin

Status: Future Consideration
by Active Contributor jbj on ‎07-17-2012 12:35 AM

Instead of permanently deleting files from vault, make a recycle bin type functionality in Vault.


Upon right clicking a folder, we should have the option to undelete the files (with dependents).


Emptying the recycle bin should be an administrative task

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We need the ability to store all deployable files related to Inventor in the Vault.  This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to put the Design Data folder into vault, and enhanced tools to manage Templates, Style and material libraries, and iFeatures within the Vault.  Being able to deploy inventor settings XMLs through the project file would be very useful as well.


Basically, we need enterprise level tools to manage inventor configuration.

Status: Under Review
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