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Navisworks if great for comparing a historical and current model. It is not possible to load historical revisions from models to compare them to each other. On this moment you need to models with different names/file type to compare them.






Not having this feature has a significant impact on the process for comparing models during design phase, particularly one which has a somewhat complex or large modeling projects.

Due to this product limitation, it might actually put users off from using Vault in combination with Navisworks. 





Streamline the UI functionality between all Vault add-ins. The best example is AutoCAD with the ability to use shortcuts, saved searches from the dialog. And make it this way possible to use Revisions of a file to be loaded. By solving this the users know what to expect when opening files from Vault.





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Vault add-in for Inventor

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor DWhiteley on ‎09-06-2013 03:09 AM

Have the Vault panel bar as a separate dockable window like the iLogic browser. So that it is possible to view both the model and vault panel bars at the same time.


Also Auto-refresh the Vault status in the panel bar.


This will stop a lot of user errors on usingf the Vault, when they complain of overwriting models etc.


Users are under pressure to "get the job out", many times they don't even look at the Vault panel bar!


If it is easier to see the vault status and it is refreshed automatically, it will make the designers job a lot easier.

Status: Accepted
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PDF Publishing

Status: Under Review
by Contributor m.numberger on ‎06-20-2012 10:26 PM



i think Autodesk should integrate automatic PDF-Publishing into Vault (2D-PDF) like the DWF-Publishing.


The DWF is more powerful and Autodesk want to spread it with force, but there are some reasons for the PDF format:


- PDF is an ISO-Standard, DWF not.

- You can open DWF only on Windows, there is no DesignReview form MAC or Linux.

- The DWF-Viewer works only on prozessores with SSE2, PDF-Viewer are running everywhere.

- Everybody has installed an PDF-Viewer, DesignReview normaly nobody without Autodesk Products.


Best regards




Status: Under Review
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Have an option with the 'Open from Vault' within AutoCAD, so the External References are automatically unloaded.


This would make opening "huge" layout drawings with many x-refs much faster, then the user can manually select which xrefs to load.

Also, it will help in troubleshooting when receiving fatal errors when opening a drawing with xrefs.


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Our IS department rolled out Microsoft Office 2013 this past week without saying a word to anyone.  I understand that Vault Professional 2013 (our current version) and 2014 (the latest) does not support Office 2013.  With more and more people using Vault, there needs to be Word and Excel integration updates and patches so that Vault customers can use the software to its full potential.




John Weiss

CAD Administrator

Follett Corporation

Status: Implemented
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Circular Reference Warning

Status: New Idea
by Valued Mentor on ‎07-22-2014 08:47 AM

Have Vault warn users that a circular reference exists when checking in documents, at the very least.

Currently, I can check-in documents with a circular reference.  No warning appears, and the 'Uses' tab displays incorrectly the relationships.


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Improved Inventor iLogic Management

Status: Accepted
by *Expert Elite* on ‎11-22-2013 03:53 PM

I would like Vault to manage external iLogic rules that are called by Inventor ipts/iams/idws. 


These rules are programming code that can affect model geometry, iproperties and drawing views.  External rules are saved out to a directory visible to the Inventor project file.  By placing them in a directory, it is very easy to share them among different Inventor files and users.  If an external rule is edited and re-run on the Inventor file, the Inventor file will change.


Users can add the external rules to Vault using the stand-alone client, but the Inventor Vault Add-in does not see the dependency between the external rules and the Inventor file.  If another user, possibly at a remote site, downloads the Inventor file from vault, Vault does not know to bring the external rules too.  Users must remember to grab the latest copy of the external rule directory.


Vault should track these file dependencies. The rule files should be subject to the same revision and lifecycle control as any other file in Vault.  Users should be able to perform all of the typical Vault commands on these files from the Inventor browser.



for a discussion of the current system.





Status: Accepted
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Microsoft Visio Previewer in Vault

Status: Comments Requested
by jschmidt on ‎04-29-2014 02:10 PM

Our company, like many others uses Micrsoft Visio to create some design files.  This program works good for communication and workflow diagrams because of the built in library.  
We have imported these files into the vault where we store all of our design files but Vault 2014 client does not allow you to preview the file.  Please create a previewer or add-in for this capability.  



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The Vault search text box displays "Search Projects" or "Search Vault Explorer ($)" - often when clicking in the search text box the default text is not cleared and what ever is typed is added to the default text.  The result is that the search is not done correctly.


This behaviour is shown in the attached screen shot.


According to Autodesk Customer Support this behaviour has existed for several releases of the Vault.


I would like the search box default text to clear when clicking in the box to enter data.

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If we have a file with security based on Groups you will encounter a problem:


SALES can only see RELEASED

ENGINEERING can see Everything


When the file in REV.A and Released State is send to Work in Progress, the people from SALES does not see the file any more.

They should have the ability to see the Released File, while Engineering is working on an improvement or modification

Status: Accepted
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