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Choose File linktype during Item Assign

Status: Accepted
by Contributor dmiller on ‎07-15-2012 10:00 AM

Currently we have many (read that as MANY) Inventor files with the same part number.  These are bin item parts that are modeled with different shapes depending on the assembly needs (i.e. RTV that needs a custom shape, wires with different lengths or shapes).  We need to balloon them (by themselves and not as an attachment to an existing part that has been ballooned), hence assigning a part number and not using virtual parts.


We have already assigned a DOC or empty Inventor IPT to the Item but every time we assign an assembly that contains one of these wires or RTV shapes Vault wants to create a secondary link which locks the file.  If we have to change the shape of the wire or RTV for a particular assembly we have to change the Item to WIP which unlocks the Primary linked file and also bumps the Items revision (we prefer to leave this setting as is).


It would be helpful if we could choose to make these components Standard Component Links during the Assign Wizard (possibly adding a checkbox as well for default behavior - if Item already has Primary and Secondary links then by default create Standard links. Or have Vault look for a custom property in Inventor files to flag it as a standard component).  My tests using 2011 show that these links allow the file to be checked out and edited.  Right now I would have to turn off Bump Revision, change the bin Item state to WIP, and change the component link type after EVERY single assembly Item assignment.  Very tedious.

Status: Accepted
For this specific issue would changing these parts to a Reference BOM type in Inventor resolve this issue?
By: Contributor dmiller | Posted ‎07-24-2012 02:32 PM

After playing with it some more this looks more and more like the old virtual component bug just with secondary links replaced by standard component links.  This is not a solution since the assembly files using a virtual component whose item I have defined as a primary link on a real IPT still gets associated with the virtual component item and is locked when the virtual component item is released.


Is this behavior still present in 2013?  If so, then it needs to be fixed once and for all.  So modify my request above to "When assigning assemblies that contain virtual parts Don't create any links to an item that has the same number as a virtual part and is already defined by an IPT as its primary link".

By: Board Manager | Posted ‎09-26-2012 01:10 PM
Status changed to: Accepted
For this specific issue would changing these parts to a Reference BOM type in Inventor resolve this issue?
By: Contributor dmiller | Posted ‎09-26-2012 01:28 PM

We have tried Reference BOM types.  It allows Vault to ignore them and not create links (or Items for that matter) but Reference types display differently and still don't allow us to balloon the part.  It defaults to dashed outlines which I can change to solid in the Styles Editor, but shaded views still display without color or material style.  I would still be left with the issue of using custom models with part numbers so I can balloon them but Vault creates an Item or links it to an existing Item (if I chose Replacement Item for duplicates) when I don't really want an Item associated with that custom model at all.

By: Board Manager | Posted ‎01-22-2015 07:31 AM

The product development team is considering the feedback of the community and have implemented some of this feedback in the development pipeline. You are encouraged to join the Autodesk Vault beta program to get a view into what’s being implemented. We appreciate your feedback.



Younes Yammouri

Autodesk Vault Product Manager

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