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Workspace Sync - No actions and Overrides outside the scope of the vault

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03-29-2012 05:28 PM

I'm trying to perform a workspace sync using Vault 2011 and having two problems. The first is that when I try to perform a sync, it scans my 3,000 files, but then no actions appear. I've tried cranking Expiration settings all the way down to 1 day for both Managed and Unmanaged files, but there are still zero actions in the main dialog. I also have about twenty files that need updating.


On top of that, when I try to add an Expiration override for a file in my workspace, I get a dialog that says "Expiration overrides for some of your selections are outside the scope of the vault and cannot be set." I can't find documentation of this error online.

The file is in "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Vault\Designs\

Right clicking on Vault Explorer and selecting properties shows the Working Folder to be C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Vault\


I feel like I'm missing something.


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Re: Workspace Sync - No actions and Overrides outside the scope of the vault

04-26-2012 01:56 PM in reply to: shelmore

Ok, so it look likes both of these issues have the same root cause. I figured this out by remapping folders one by one and testing to see when the issues occur. Basically, it looks like worspace synce can't handle having two folders at equal levels of hierarchy in the Vault mapped to nested folders in your local workspace. For instance, the following set of mappings cause the issues (I don't actually use these mappings in production).

Vault location : Workspace location
$ : C:/SandboxWS
$/Designs : C:/SandboxWS/Designs
$/Content Center Files : C:/SandboxWS/Designs/Content Center Files


If, however, you map $/ContentCenterFiles to C:/SandboxWS/Content Center Files, the issues disappear. I can understand how the scan that workspace sync performs would be confused by this arrangement, but it's not impossible to get around. Neither Autodesk support nor my VAR has bothered to respond confirming the issue or suggesting that Autodesk will work to fix it in the future, but I feel confident that this is the root of my problem.


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