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Vault Web Client printing error

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01-09-2013 08:18 AM

I have been battling an issue for a while now and was wondering if anyone can duplicate.  we have a series of Windows workstations(xp and win7)  and citrix stations that use the vault web client.  Our IT admins prohibite loading ADR on the Citrix Farm and there really isnt a reason the users need any of that functionallity because they are only printing the document.  The issue that is happening is when a user views one of the dwfx files in the embedded xps viewer and trys to print it, they get an error that says"A printing error has occurred, the XPS viewer cannot print all the pages of this document" .  i have tested this on multiple machines with different windows versions and got the same error.  I can view the dwfx fine just can't print dwfx.  I can print other .XPS files from the viewer just fine just not dwfx.

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Re: Vault Web Client printing error

01-09-2013 06:30 PM in reply to: bherber

Hi Brent,


I cannot find much information around this issue anywhere (outside of one microsoft thread -


I did find that you had a case logged though - hopefully this will turn something up.

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