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Vault Professional 2012 Issues

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09-01-2011 08:09 AM

We are considering upgrading to Vault Pro from the base Vault. Please comment as to if the following issues are true. Any additional information would be appreciated. 


While researching our functional requirements we have the following concerns:


Attached files:

  1. Revisions to attached files requires Item revision. Example: Attached test procedure revision requires revision to the Item. Does everything associated with the Item rev?
  2. Do not have any "where used" data. (Can not determine which items they have been attached to).
  3. Can not be attached after release or even during review phase without manually turning off security "switch".

Tabulated drawings:

  1. No tabulated drawing (part or assembly) support for Items.
  2. Linked files are 1-to-1, not 1-to-many.

Vault Viewer:

  1. Vault Client required to view engineering changes (ECNs) - cannot view them using the Vault Pro Viewer.

Any information regarding these concerns would be appreciated.


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Re: Vault Professional 2012 Issues

09-01-2011 11:00 AM in reply to: DesignEng

Hi there,


Looking through your concerns I believe most of this is manageable, I suggest however you sit down and have a chat to your reseller or sales contact to get a full understanding of the issues and how Items will work for you - we do have more than one approach here.  From your post I am not even 100% sure wat CAD system you are using but it appears to be Inventor?


Having said that I will try to touch on some of your concerns.


Attached files:


1. Typically if you want to update any document attached to an item you need to place the item back into WIP to permit update and also to unlock that file for change.  As of 2012 it is possible to place an item into WIP without bumping revision but this is really intended to permit non-revision updates to a document such as missing dimensions on a drawing or the like.


2. Files in Vault Pro of course maintain where used relationships as they do now, when we create items in Vault Pro the Inventor, ACADM, ACADE BOM relationships are maintained as well as any manual attachments we create within Items.  So there is full where used tracibility, where a file is attached to more than one item (a report or the like) we can see from the goto Item command where this is being used.


I will note that attachments from files are not automatically assigned to items - the item only builds a relationship with the 3d model, its drawings and attachments directly on the item.


3. Typically we only manipulate the content of an item during WIP - there are workflows that will support modifying files under a released item but you will need to WIP an item to update its attached files.


Tabulated drawings:


1 and 2. I believe you are talking here about generating a number of items from a family of parts sharing one drawing? There are some ways to address this but I think you would need to discuss details with your reseller or sales contact.  We can have 1 to many but it may complicate your workflows.


Web Client:


The Vault professional webclient is a read-only tool allowing users to search, view, print and by installing Design Review even redline information released in Vault Pro.  This unmanaged client cannot participate in the EC process, however company's will typically implement with enough licenses for EC participants to log on and create or review ECN's as required.  Sharing 1 license between maybe 4 or 5 users and utilising email notification this provides a fairly low cost solution.


I hope some of this has helped, but as I say I have made a few assumptions here, you should probably speak to someone about your concerns and have them demonstrate the solution.



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Re: Vault Professional 2012 Issues

09-01-2011 11:05 AM in reply to: olearya

Yes, we use Inventor.


Thank you for your response.

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Re: Vault Professional 2012 Issues

02-21-2012 02:27 PM in reply to: DesignEng

We are also looking at upgrading to Vault Pro with similar questions.  Are you using the ECO module as well?

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