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Vault Help

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08-11-2011 12:19 PM

I just joined a new company and we use Vault.


I know from past experiences that it is not setup correctly. I feel like the folder structure is ok but I am having problems with the PROJECT file in Inventor.


Where should the Design Data, Templates, Projects, etc be pointing to?


I beleive that there should be one project for all users pointing at the same design data, templates, etc.....How do I achieve this?


Our structure is ($)Vault/Cad Data/1_Numbered Drawings/General Drawings/.................


Where should the Templates, Design Data, .ipj, content center be located?

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Re: Vault Help

08-11-2011 03:32 PM in reply to: chris.dunn

Hi Chris,


It depends on some factors on what may work best for you honestly. 

Do you have people who are often mobile?

Are you worried about someone changing templates and design data?

Do you have an unreliable network drive?

If so, you may consider having everyone use local templates and design data.  You can place them in your Vault Path (example: C:\Vault\Templates and C:\Vault\Design Data that are at the same level as C:\Vault\<workspace>  From there you can simply go to each users computer and get folder from Vault, and that will allow you to quickly update any changes they made, or update any changes you've made. 


If you don't have the above situations (all workstations won't leave the office and you aren't worried about the network drive disconnecting on your users) you can place the Templates and Design Data to a network drive, and define the paths either in Inventor application options, or in the Inventor IPJ file.  


Also, check out our blog postings on the topic of Single Inventor Project Files.



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