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Vault 2014 jobprocessor - Two inventor processors hangs

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02-28-2014 04:31 AM

So we have an issue where annotations disappear from .idw's when our custome pdf-job runs from the jobprocessor.

This code runs perfectly on many other servers. But with one server, it doesn't.


It seems that when the jobprocessor has gone from the job "Update.Revision.Block" to "Create-DWF", two processes of Inventor are running at the same time.

When the dwf-job is done, the two processes will hang there for about a half hour or so before they go away.

(The dwf-job has been a problem at many servers for a while now. )


The pdf-job starts while these two processors are running, it doesn't create a pdf-file, but it closes as it should.

Then I tried to kill all inventor-processes before running the pdf-job. But the file which is released is suddently missing many annotations, and it's even missing in the released version in Vault. So this ruines the whole release. (The onces that are missing are random.)


Vault and Inventor has the newest updates.


Any reason why the two jobs would hang? They just run while not using any more or less memory.


I'm out of ideas. Any help will be appriciated.

(sorry for bad grammar)

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