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To Forbid the GET COPY option in Vault Manufacturing 2010

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07-26-2011 04:31 AM

Hi All,


Here I would like to discuss a serious problem, our company is facing.. The company has the manufacturing facilities at different locations around the Globe and therefore is using Vault Manufacturing 2010 along with Inventor . Now, whats happening is that the engineers at some of the locations, "GET COPY" of the solid models and drawings, uploaded on thte Vault, intead of going for the  "CHECK OUT" option. And they modify those copies and use them for production.


And therefore the data uploaded on the Vault remains Out of Date.


So is it possible to forbid the users from simply getting the copy of the data, and leaving "CHECK OUT" the only option for them..?


Please suggest..


Himanshu Malhotra

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Re: To Forbid the GET COPY option in Vault Manufacturing 2010

07-26-2011 06:45 PM in reply to: HMalhotra

It would only be possible with some customization of the Vault client.


However, I imagine there would be to many holes to plug to have Vault stop this from happening.

For example; Whats to stop them from checking the file out making the changes and then just undoing the checkout.

You would have the same results.

Further I am not really sure you want this anyway. What about standard components? I am sure dont want them checked out. Also what if mulitple engineers are working on the same project? They can not all check them out?


I would suggest talking to your engineers and finding out why they are doing this?

I would be curious to know as well. Maybe there are some improvments that can be made that would make them more likely to check-out/in the changes.



Mikel Martin
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Autodesk, Inc.
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Re: To Forbid the GET COPY option in Vault Manufacturing 2010

07-26-2011 10:53 PM in reply to: mikel.martin

Well the thing is that the engineers at that location are all production engineers.. the softwares like Inventor, Vault, etc are all new for them to work on.. and despite of giving them a full fledge training on all these softwares, they make mistakes.. their only motive is to update the drawings and use them on the production floor.. 

So therefore, we want that when they try to make a copy of any system from the Vault, they always "CHECK OUT" the files and work..


The motive is to keep a track of what is being done from their side.. but if they just "GET a COPY" of the files, modify them and use them on the floor.. We won't be able to track that.. 


I will be really thakful, if you could tell me some procedure as to block the users from making a copy of the files.. 



Himanshu  Malhotra

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