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The One Machine Vault

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09-27-2011 02:29 PM



I am setting up a new Dell XPS laptop with Product Design Suite Ultimate and I wish to run a stand alone Vault on this same machine. 


In the past I know I've seen a white paper or article about setting up Vault Server and Client on one machine. I cannot find such an article now. I've been looking too long. I need some help. (I recall some very specific advice)


Please note: I have over 10 years full time design work with Inventor, however I have zero experience with Vault. I'm ready to upgrade my Windows 7 to Professional. Before I do that, I really just want to read anything I can get about setting up Vault this way.


If you have a link or any advice I would greatly appreciate it.




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Re: The One Machine Vault

09-28-2011 09:10 AM in reply to: phil-mcam

Hi Phil,


There should be no problem with installing the client and server on the same machine. I do this quite routinely and can't think of anything special that needs to be done for this to work.



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