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Scrolling through file listings in Vault.

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07-19-2012 05:31 AM

In 2008, I was able to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll up and down though files in Vault, and with the preview tab selected, I could just look at the preview image and tap the keyboard until I found the file I wanted. Starting 2010 I lost that functionality. It still works under the History, Uses and Where Used tabs, but not when the Preview tab is selected. When you select a file in the browser, the row turns bright blue. As soon as the preview image is generated in the bottom pane, the row changed to a muted blue, and you cannot move up or down with the arrow keys on the keyboard. You need to use the mouse to select the next file you want to view. This is horrible. Please fix whatever it is that is causing this interruption. I've been waiting for 5 years for this to get fixed, and no one seems to care. Please help, or at least let me know the team read this and might at least look into it.


Thank you,

Andy McKinney

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Re: Scrolling through file listings in Vault.

09-26-2012 01:18 PM in reply to: info

Andy, thanks for posting this in the Idea Exchange.  This looks like a issue in the software that we need to fix instead of a new idea.  I will have it reviewed by our development team.

Irvin Hayes Jr
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Autodesk, Inc.

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