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Report Template Hell

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02-20-2014 03:49 AM

Hi all,


I've been having mixed success getting my head around the Vault Report templates- I dislike, but understand the reasoning for keeping them in Visual Web Designer 2008 express format- because the editor is essentially free.


I'd like to know why, despite my having changed my system regional settings shortdate format to YYYY-MM-DD the report produced by both Vault Pro 2014 and Inventor Pro 2014 both ignore the following in the Report Template:


          <Textbox Name="Date_File_Created">

Specifically, the FormatDateTime(Fields!Date_File_Created.Value,2) part?


Does Vault have its own setting for date formats?


Also, the Autodesk Report Template Utility is helpful in being able to pull out extra fields from the vault like Path, Originator etc. but why does the Path value (for example) default to this:




when the correct string (for each individual file) should be:




Thanks in advance,




BTW. if anybody else is trying to customise the report image away from the default Autodesk one, the required format is base64 encoding.

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Re: Report Template Hell

02-28-2014 03:20 AM in reply to: AlexF1980

It seems like the following line in the Readme for Vault 2014 SP2 might explain the date format issue I've been seeing:


Date formatting was not being honored in non ENU applications. 

 Readme link here:


It looks like SP2 addresses some of the other problems I've seen with Vault Pro. 2014 so far, namely the job processor command line didn't like switching between our vault servers.


/Goes off to download the Service Pack grumbling...

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