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PS2008 - Is there anyway to undo a cancellation of an ECO.

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07-08-2008 09:45 AM
We had an ECO cancelled before the rollback of the items in it could be
done. Is there a way to undo the cancel of the ECO or roll back the affected

Jeff Morovich
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Re: PS2008 - Is there anyway to undo a cancellation of an ECO.

07-10-2008 05:49 PM in reply to: *Jeff Morovich
Hi Jeff,

There is no way to undo the cancel of the ECO. If you want to roll back the affected items, you can edit them in Item Master or Create a new ECO for these affected items.

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Re: PS2008 - Is there anyway to undo a cancellation of an ECO.

10-09-2012 12:09 PM in reply to: TommyQian



We have multiple ECOs where this same process has occured (from before my time as Vault Admin). I don't want to roll the reivison forward and create the new version of the files (hundereds) only to have to go back and find the correct latest released version and upate the new new version to the old version.


Is there a fix for this in Vault 2012/2013, or am I still stuck?





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