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Inventor Task scheduler issues when working with Vault functions

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01-16-2013 09:43 AM



I am currently in the middle of a Vault migration task (basic level) of 65k files using the task scheduler and I must say I would rather shoot myself in the foot!!


I am noticing that the check-in process is taking FOREVER (close to 48 hours for 4k files). I assume this is bc of the visualization file creation with a base level vault but was hoping there is a way to speed up the process (memory leak or temp files slowing it up?) If I run a task of 500 files then the task will run in about 1hr 30 min but anything over 1k files seems to really kill the process.


Also, how come I can not select multiple files when the vault function is being used? this makes it very tough for me to break the task up if I have to select 500-600 dwg's manually!!


Help Autodesk....what can be done to make Task scheduler more useful!?!

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Re: Inventor Task scheduler issues when working with Vault functions

01-16-2013 02:49 PM in reply to: stapprich

Hi stapprich.


Having gone through 3 migrations I feel your pain. Task Scheduler needs a major overhaul. Through trial and error I have figured out that 500 files at a time is about the maximum my setup can handle without excessively long delays. And also doing ipt's first, then iam's then idw's seems to help. Why? Buggered if I know but it does.


Whether good or bad (another discussion) we have Vault basic with 2 projects, Library and Projects. I only migrate the Library items. The Project items get migrated when opening the iam/ipt/idw. Is this the best method? Again buggered if I know but it works in my situation.


Next week we are updating to 2013 and Vault Workgroup with which I intend to go to 1 project and use the lifecycle states to lock down what I consider to be Library items.


Hang in there with TS. It is a pain but is really the only effective method of batch processing these items without going down the path of opening each ipt/iam/idw in Inventor and doing the migration there!

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Re: Inventor Task scheduler issues when working with Vault functions

01-21-2013 02:51 PM in reply to: stapprich

BH, Thanks for the reassurance that I am not crazy. I have found the same outcome of trying to migrate more than 500 files at a time. I recommended that the migration process take place during a revision but due to custom programming, the files need to be the latest version.


Well, I guess a folder at a time is the only way to do this meaning I can not multi-select files from the Vault to be migrated....GGRRRRR!!!



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