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Folder Permissions in Vault Workgroup 2013

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10-04-2012 10:49 AM



I have a user that I want to give access to our Vault, but limit them to only seeing certain folders, and only seeing Released parts.


I first setup this user and add them to a group.


I then go to the Flexible Release Lifecycle settings, and go into the Security area.  For each lifecycle state, I add this new group, and set their permissions to Deny, except for the Released state, I set the Read permissions to Allow.


I then go into our main folder list in the Vault Explorer.  For every folder I don't want this new group to have access to, I go to Properties, then the Security tab.  I turn on Security Override, and add the group of users I do want to have access to that folder, and set their permissions to allow.  I then add the group of users that I don't want to have access, and set their permissions to deny.  For the folders I do want them to have access to, I do the same thing, but set the restricted groups Read permission to allow, and leave the rest set to deny.


Now when I log in as that user into Vault, it looks good.  I can only see the two folders I want them to have access to, and nothing else.  If I enter one of those folders, I also only see Released parts, and don't see anything set to Work in Progress, For Review, etc.  The only problem is for parts that are currently set to Work In Progress, but have a previous version with a Released lifecycle state, they are unable to view the latest Released state, all it shows in the Open dialog in Inventor is Unavailable.


Now, I don't want them to see anything Work In Progress, as they should only be concerned with how we are currently making the part, not future designs.  But that also means that as we set files to Work In Progress to make changes to them, they still need access to the latest Released version, so that they can see how the product is currently to be built.


I know that going up to Vault Collaboration and using the Web Client would be the ideal solution, but we don't have the money or time for that right now.  This user already has an Inventor licence, and it is only one person, so we should be able to manage with our current Vault licences.  I'm hoping that there is a way to make Vault Workgroup behave the way I want it to.  Thanks,

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Re: Folder Permissions in Vault Workgroup 2013

10-04-2012 07:09 PM in reply to: jeff.noel

Hi Jeff,


At present there is no way to view previous released documents or the effective release when the tip version is WIP.


This is possible with Items but not documents.  This is a common request and something we are reviewing for the future.

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