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Corrupted Item Revision Id's

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06-02-2011 06:06 AM

I am receiving two error messages, which I believe is based on the RevId:

  • For a few items when we try to use the "Where Used" tab, we get an error "1404".
  • For the other set of items we are receiving error  "1303" when trying to use the "Change Order" tab.

I believe this is a corrupted RevId:

  • Using GetItemBOMByDate I can successfully see where an item is used at, the GetItemBOMByDate uses MasterID instead of the RevId, so this makes me think just the RevId is screwy, and not the whole Item.
  • Using GetChangeOrderItemsByItemMasterId on items receiving error "1303", I am able to see what change orders are associated with those items, which also uses MasterId instead of RevId.

Note: Using Productstream 2009

Best solution to this problem? Thanks in advanced.

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