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Check-In error with imported from Inventor STEP file (for iProperties)

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07-21-2011 04:04 AM

When importing STEP/IGES file is created in Inventor as iProperties custom properties. If you try to go to Vault 2011 (Professional Vault In my case 2011) gives error these components having such iProperties Inventor customize.

** This problem has been going on from very old version and still do not give a solution. Autodesk's proposal is to delete these and then leave it iProperties.

I think the answer correct. But would not it be easier not generate these custom iProperties when imported into Inventor?

I am implementing Vault Professional 2011 in company with more than 56,000 files in Inventor. Many of them have been imported from STEP/IGES them exported from CATIA and have these properties. I had to program macros to look for and delete these files for properties which do not give this problem in Vault.

Will Autodesk provide a definitive solution to this problem? With some ServicePack, fix or similar. It also happened in version 2008 and is still going on. I have not tried in 2012 and I wonder if it goes well.


** Deputy iProperties image you create and generate the error when performing Check-In Vault.


Thanks to all who can shed some light on this issue.


********* ESPAÑOL **************************************************************


Check-In da errores con componentes de Inventor importados de fichero STEP/IGES (por iProperties generadas al importar)

Al importar fichero STEP en Inventor se crean unas propiedades personalizadas como iProperties. Si se intenta subir a Vault 2011 (En mi caso Vault Professional 2011) dan error estos componentes de Inventor que tienen dichas iProperties personalizas.

** Este problema lleva pasando desde versiones muy antigüas, y siguen sin darle solución. La propuesta de Autodesk es que borrer estas iProperties y entonces deja hacerlo.

Me parece correcta la respuesta. Pero ¿no sería más fácil que no generase estas iProperties personalizadas al importarlo a Inventor?

Estoy implantando Vault Professional 2011 en empresa con más de 56000 ficheros de Inventor. Muchos de ellos los han importado de STEP/IGES que les exportaban desde CATIA y que tienen estas propiedades. He tenido que programar macros para que busquen y borren estas propiedades en ficheros para que no den este problema en Vault.

¿Puede Autodesk dar una solución definitiva a este problema? Con algún ServicePack, Hotfix o similar. Ya pasaba en versión 2008 también y aún sigue pasando. No lo he probado en 2012 y me gustaría saber si pasa también.


** Adjunto imagen con las iProperties que se crean y generan el error al realizar Check-In en Vault.


Gracias a todos los que puedan aportar algo de luz a este tema.

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Re: Check-In error with imported from Inventor STEP file (for iProperties)

07-22-2011 05:17 AM in reply to: AlbertoTorres

Hi Alberto,


I can't find a report in our system of this issue. Although I remember a similar issue in the 2008 timeframe that was addressed at the time. Maybe, there was some misunderstanding or miscommunication in the past. So to make sure there's no repeat of that, as you are on subscription, can I ask you to log a support case with us so we can invesitgate it properly? (Support will in the future have the ability to get your details from your single sign on information, but its not currently there, so its not as painless as we would like.)


When you log the case, can you include a sample STEP\IGES file that you cannot check into the Vault and mark the case for my attention?

Richard Rankin
Data Management Support Specialist
Autodesk Support
Autodesk, Inc.

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