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Autodesk Inventor Vault (Basic) Server file store backup

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02-27-2014 04:05 PM

Good Morning,


We have been given from a past project with another company a  Autodesk Inventor Vault (Basic) Server file store backup of  all the work they have done for us, the format appears to be a Zip file close to 7gb in size Containing :


Databases : in here we can files that end with "dbbak" files

Filestores: if you drill into each folder eventually you can see "Filestoreinfo.fsg"," *.dwf",PDF's etc all data files\content


My Question is, i have no problem browsing through and seeing all the AutoCad drawings, but how do we attach this to a vault server...we are purely interested in just viewing what was done in an organise and structured way.


We do not even have Autocad, just the viewer.


What is needed to achieve this in the simplest and cheapest fashion.





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Re: Autodesk Inventor Vault (Basic) Server file store backup

02-27-2014 07:59 PM in reply to: dv81

welcome to the forums.


You need to have a license for a product which is entitled to use Vault Basic. Even basic AutoCAD as long as it's on subscription has access to it. It can be found in the Product Enhancements section of


The help files are great for stepping you through the process of getting it installed. Once you have it installed, launch the ADMS and go to Tools>Backup & Restore, then point the restore tool to that folder. It will set everything up for you from there.


You will need to find out which release of Vault Basic they were using, and make sure you install that version or a later version. Upon restore the ADMS will migrate all the databases to the new release.


If DWF's have already been generated for the Inventor Content, you won't have any problems viewing them. But even with Inventor Viewer open, you won't be able to generate any new DWF's without a licensed copy of Inventor installed. DWG Trueview can create DWF's of DWG's though.


I hope that helps & good luck.

Scott Moyse

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