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Vault hangs on startup

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11-14-2011 07:21 AM

I am workng  on a command extension for Vault 2012 Pro. It builds OK, and I have copied it to the "Extensions" folder. But when I try to open Vault, it will hang until I kill the process and delete the folder from "Extensions".

   When I kill the process and I see the following message: "SystemArgumentException- an item with the same key has already been added".

   Why am I getting this message and why is it hanging?

     (I am not using items).

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Re: Vault hangs on startup

11-14-2011 10:36 AM in reply to: tmccar

This is the first I have heard of Vault Explorer hanging because of an Extension load issue.  Are you sure that there isn't an error dialog hidden behind another window?  Sometimes the errors "pop under" for some reason.


The ArgumentException is from the .NET libraries.  So 'item' in this context has nothing to do with Vault Item objects.  My guess is that a key is being added to a Dictionary that already has the key.


If you haven't so already, go through the Extension Deployment Checklist.  If that doesn't turn up anything, post the source code.



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Re: Vault hangs on startup

11-14-2011 11:41 PM in reply to: Redmond.D

I suggest to check if you don't have two extensions with same name. I saw something similar when developer made a copy of add-in folder under C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vault 2012\Extensions. The folder names were different but content of vcet.config file was same.

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Re: Vault hangs on startup

11-15-2011 05:06 AM in reply to: jan.liska

No, they are definitely 2 different vcet.configs.  I willbe away from the office for a few days and will re-check when I return from leave.

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