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Updating 2-way mapped UDPs

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04-30-2012 06:16 AM

I have built the PropertyPageSample app from Doug's 1/18/2012 blog post.  I am now try to add the ability to edit and update UDP file properties.


The information available seems a little confusing, but based on Doug's 7/7/2010 post, I understand that if the UDP is read mapped, you cannot use Vault to update a UDP, you need to use the CAD appliction API to do this.


But if the UDP is 2 way (bidirectional) mapped, then you can update the UDP in Vault, and save the changes back to the file using commands from the Vault API.


Also, I understand that I can use the UpdateFileProperties method from the IExplorerUtil interface to update the properties, which has the advantage of not having to check out the file to do the update.


So my question is, if my understanding is correct, is there an example of using UpdateFileProperties from the IExplorerUtil interface in this way?  I would prefer to use a best practices example if it exists.


PS I am using the Vault 2012 API using Vault Professional.



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Re: Updating 2-way mapped UDPs

04-30-2012 10:33 AM in reply to: michael.collins2

Hello Michael,


I'm not aware of any code sample specific to using IExplorerUtils.UpdateFileProperties(), but this article on Doug's blog  ( contains some general guideilnes about using IExplorerUtils and a little bit of information on the difference between IExplorerUtils.UpdateFileProperties() and DocumentService.UpdateFileProperties(). The main difference is the inclusion of client-side logic, such as checking for mapped UDP's and writing back the properties to the file. The examples you're reading in Doug's post on 7/7/2010 are for if you're using DocumentService.UpdateFileProperties() and need to perform the client-side logic yourself.

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