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manage state in UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions event handler

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01-05-2013 10:40 PM

In my inventor addin I am doing some validation before changing state of a component in vault to Release.

I have event handler UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions where I can do that. However i dont know how do i verify that the state being change to release cause that is the only time I need to validate. Here is some of my code. 


public void Activate(ApplicationAddInSite addInSiteObject, bool firstTime)
_inventorApp = addInSiteObject.Application;
_fileUIEvents = _inventorApp.FileUIEvents;

DocumentServiceExtensions.UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents.GetRestrictions += new EventHandler<UpdateFileLifeCycleStateCommandEventArgs>(UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions);


void UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions(object sender, UpdateFileLifeCycleStateCommandEventArgs e)


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Re: manage state in UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions event handler

01-13-2013 06:41 PM in reply to: sabuj.saha



It looks a question of Vault API. I have asked the moderator to move this case to the board

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Re: manage state in UpdateFileLifecycleStateEvents_GetRestrictions event handler

01-15-2013 05:25 AM in reply to: xiaodong.liang

The event args has the information you need but you usually need to make some API calls to gather all the information.  You can find the FROM states by looking up the File object from the FileMasterIds.  You can find more information about the TO state by looking up the LfCycState objects from the ToStateIds.


The easiest way to open up a connection to the Vault Server is to cast the sender object to IWebService object.  Use it to create a new WebServiceCredentials, then create a new WebService object.

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