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DOS-based database into Vault?

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08-16-2011 07:56 AM

have a DOS-based drawing indexing system, whcih is used to index drawing numbers, and contains various other drawing-related information. It uses an SQL database I believe, although the database seems to be in a binary (.DAT) format.

    The database fields are not linked to drawings of course - it's a seperate indexing system that is mainly used for generating drawing numbers and finding old drawings.

   We will soon be rolling out Autocad 2012, Inventor and Vault. I would very much like to see the old indexing system phased out and replace it with Vault functionality, but I can't see how this could be achieved. Does anyone have a suggection for this?

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Re: DOS-based database into Vault?

08-17-2011 10:40 AM in reply to: tmccar

Vault has a numbering system you can use for generating drawing numbers.  Vault also has a powerful property and search mechanism for locating documents.  So you should be able to translate all the DOS concepts to Vault.


Whatever you are indexing on in DOS you would create a Vault property for.  Best case scenario, the drawing data gets extracted by Vault, and you can just map it to the Vault property.  Worst case, custom programming is needed to explicitly set the Vault property data based on the values in the old system.


You might want to contact your reseller.

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Re: DOS-based database into Vault?

08-18-2011 06:35 AM in reply to: Redmond.D



I have a ms-access drawing register file and I want to move the infomation in it into valut. In the register, there are drawing number, title, revision and so on. I can read them with, just need to know how to send them into valut. Need to look at some valut code samples.





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