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Constance Faith Koehler, known as Connie, has a natural talent to create using an artist brush, pen, pencil, etc. Connie drew and created things all through her life. No one realized her talent even after an ink and crayon piece she created in first grade called, "The Gumdrop Tree", which was put on the front cover of the Alabama school Journal. She was born in Gadsden, Alabama where she attended first grade with her twin brother. Connie has lived in Florida most of her life and has lived in Vero Beach for over forty years where her fifth sibling was born. In 1996 she painted a small painting. Her family and friends realized she had a natural talent from the results of this small painting. It was then they encouraged her to take lessons. So she did. Now she sells and donates her art. Connie writes poems and has written two fiction stories. In one story, she has featured her children and grandchildren as some of the main characters. Some of her work has been published in the local newspaper, and on TCPalm.com. Their titles are, “Luckily, I didn't get the beak,” “Honeybees provide an interesting interlude,” and “Outdoor exploration.” Her opinion, “Add Parenting to Our Academic Curriculum” was published in the opinions section of her local Press Journal newspaper, as well as her opinion on “Black Friday.” As a professional artist she illustrates her own stories. One painting was featured in The Vero Magazine, another hung in Duval's Gallery, Key West, Florida, many were accepted into juried art shows, and many of her photos are featured in her local newspaper. (One of those photos won a second place photo contest). Though Connie has other talents, painting, drawing, and writing she loves most. She gives thanks to a higher power, God, for these gifts because they are what gave her confidence in herself. Doors have opened and her low self-esteem boosted into a higher self-esteem. Because of these talents and the encouragement of loved ones, Connie went back to school, received her GED Diploma, and now attends a two-year college to receive an A.S. degree in Graphic Design Technology. She also has her Administrated Assistance Certificate for completing Office Skills Technology. Recently Connie has fought Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Large B Cell cancer and has won that battle. The cancer is gone. Connie has been clean and sober for over 26 years. Her younger and only sister died due to having the same addictions. She lost her father in 2002 due to lung cancer who died two years prior to her sister's death in 2004. Before their death and still to this day, Connie donates her art to worthy causes and has received an Honorarium and appreciation for her time and hard work: • Appreciation award from the Vero Beach Theatre Guild • Appreciation letters from the Cancer Society • Appreciation cards from students and clients • Appreciation card from a mother involved with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation • Appreciation and Honorarium from Mental Health Association • Appreciation letter from Bryce Band Scholarship fundraiser Connie's message to others: Believe in yourself, find something you like to do, and then go for it. Be thankful for what you have, and DON'T limit yourself in achieving what you don't have. Remember by giving you receive, by loving you are loved, and it's a good feeling to be loved.

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