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I started drafting in school, while I lived in England. In my 10th year (around 1993), I opted to major in Drafting and Design Technology, I excelled in board drafting and geometric challenges.When I moved back to the US, I took the only two drafting classes available to me in High School. These classes allowed me to get college credit for the local tech school, which I went on to attend. I started using Autocad 14 in 1996. My first drafting job, in 1998 was using Autocad 2000 in a small surveying firm. My interests turned to 3d design and animation, and I moved on to attend the Art Institute of Dallas' Computer Animation program. After a year of tiresome study and work, I needed a break. Eventually, I wound up in a large Civil Engineering firm in Fort Worth. With no civil experience, I quickly took to the tasks of learning LDD and applying it's features to our work flow, trying to cut those over night last minute changes from the norm. When Civil 3D arrived via DC CADD in 2005, I took to it quickly. I spent endless hours studying and testing ideas and even delved into Part Builder sans documentation. I have lived Civil 3D since its release, and have implemented it for three of my last four companies. I currently work in a small civil firm, where I upgraded the CAD standards and am actively implementing Civil 3D. We recently made a hardware and software upgrade to bring us up on our subscriptions, but our work load has been increasing so much, I find myself unable to find the time for tinkering on my in-house apps or snooping through the Infrastructure Suite I have installed.

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