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Hi all, I accept completed Bachelor’s Degree in B.Sc Interior design from University of Vinayaka mission, Salem, TN and accept acquaintance in Data Architect from Autodesk University U.S.A. the after most two years, alive with the added data Architects with the tasks and responsibilities absorption on: 1. Designing and architecture relational databases. 2. Maintaining and after light the database by deleting and removing old data. 3. Developed strategies for annual recovery, abstracts acquisitions, and accomplishing of database. 4. Trusting on advanced acquaintance and acumen to set and achieve goals. 5. Proving ability in assorted field’s concepts, procedures, and practices. 6. Carrying out added tasks. I would acknowledge the befalling to altercate how my apprenticeship and adventures will be accessible and advantageous for you as the added consideration. I will be contacting your Prior appointment with any Day. on buzz to altercate about the achievability of alignment an interview. Thank you for your absorption and consideration Regards wahid s1623jn26@yahoo.fr +919880643891

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