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Scott Moyse is a proud Cornish man & a MFG Applications Engineer for CADPRO Systems in New Zealand. He previously worked at SMI for over 9 years after moving from the UK while studying Motorsport Engineering. He started out as design support & quickly moved into programming their new CNC machine. Over the next 4 years he worked closely with both manufacturing & design to create & implement automated processes. This provided him with an invaluable insight into both departments operations. 4 years ago he moved back into design full-time, resulting in him taking the Design Manager position 3 years ago. Over the last 36 months he's implemented & managed Autodesk Vault Professional, improving communication, work allocation, organization & increased control over the design review process. Although he has no prior 'PLM' experience he has been deeply involved in process formation, implementation & development in an ever changing environment. He also regularly contributes on designandmotion.net