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I work for the Rockland County Highway Department in New City, New York. My official title is Engineering Specialist. I do manage our CAD system and do work in Survey and Engineering. I started as a Survey Rodman for a private Surveying and Engineering Company in 1983. There I learned Surveying, Engineering calculation and design plus AutoCAD. I was promoted to Party Chief in 1985 and moved to the Highway Department in 1990. There, I started with DCA (Softdesk) and followed that through Land Desktop to Civil 3D. I work with our Surveyor to produce right-of-way surveys and topographic base plans for proposed construction projects. I work with Engineering on the design of these projects and stakeout diagrams for construction. I produce the acquisition mapping to acquire the land needed for the construction. The Highway Department is also responsible for determining Village, Town, and County Boundaries, which leads me to work with records from as far back as the 1770s. I've also become the unofficial department historian. That's gotten me involved in projects like W3R, the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, and also the mapping of Revolutionary routes in our County.