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Bill Johnston – Director Social Media & Community, Autodesk Mobile: (415) 233-6914 Twitter: @billjohnston Facebook: Bill Johnston LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billj Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redplastic/ (mostly personal) In a sentence: Seasoned online community and social media executive and advisor with over 14 years experience developing large scale online communities, social media initiatives and successful online product strategies. More About Me: I live in Sonoma, CA with my lovely wife, 8 year old daughter and 3 year old son. They are all awesome. I currently work at Autodesk driving online community, social media and ideation initiatives, including a focus on our CSS divison. Prior to Autodesk, I worked for Dell as Head of Global Community, steering overall online community strategy for Dell, globally. In addition, I was responsible for the strategy of Dell IdeaStorm. I also led Unconferences for Dell related to social media and community, and I also advised on many social media projects related to ROI and social presence. Prior to Dell, I worked for Forum One Communications as the Chief Community Officer between 2007-2010. I wrote the Online Community Report blog and newsletter. I created and chaired the Online Community Research Network, and conduct research on topics like online community metrics, ROI, and marketing via social media. I planned and hosted conferences about online community, like the Online Community Unconference (East and West Coast). I have worked for Autodesk, TechRepublic.com (grew it from 0 to 2mm), and I built eframe.net (it is really ugly now) waaayyyy back in the day. I have had a blast along the way. I also direct a professional networking group called the Online Community Roundtable in the Bay Area which meets quarterly, and always starts with cocktails. I occasionally advise early-stage startups on product and social business strategy and am currently advising Brandle and a handful of other pre-launch clients.

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