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Thanks to a very good friend who got me interested AutoCAD, I have 10 years of experience working with AutoCAD, mostly in Process Piping and Mechanical Design- all without an education (well I did go to a technical college for a CAD degree, but I already knew more than what they were teaching so I left half way thru the 2nd quarter.) I started as a drafter for a small 7-employee plumbing engineering firm, but since I did not get along with the owner, I found myself leaving after 2 years. I went on to work for a major retailer based in the Milwaukee area as a contract drafter in their store layout department, which managed over 900 stores across the US. Awesome job, but as fate would have it, my contract did not get extended and I was not chosen for direct hire either. Soon I found another contract job with a major architect for the next 3 months, but they were not hiring someone that was just a drafter. Understandable. But thanks to a couple people there that knew my talents and background, they referred me to another Mechanical Engineering firm that was looking for a full time plumbing designer. BINGO! I managed to work both jobs in the transition for a week until the contract with the architectural firm was up. I was one of 2 CAD designers there, in addition to the 2 owners and a secretary. I worked directly with the one owner that did the plumbing designs on projects, so I caught on fast and he let me design projects to lighten his load. Things were starting to slow down, then they closed their doors- just 2 WEEKS short of 5 years for me! I spent the next 3-1/2 months unemployed until I got a call from an employment agency that had an immediate opening for a contract drafter for an environmental engineering firm. Ironically, the guy that I was replacing was my friend who introduced me to and trained me in using AutoCAD! Going from a 7-person office to a 3,000-employee, 30-office, nation-wide firm took a lot of adjustment.

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