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Enhanced Styles in Topobase 2011

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07-07-2010 11:47 PM

Dear all


I have just started using Tb Client 2011 on Windows.


I found the symbology provisions in TB to be intuitive. Nevertheless i have the following concerns:


a) Is there a tool using which i can preview the complex line styles (created using XML) at the time of composing the XML file?


b) For applying Enhanced Visualisation Styles, i came to know that the dataset needs to be added using 'Data Connect>>Topobase Connection > Choose Featureclass and mention Add to Map with Enhanced Styles.

Why is this restriction added?


I currently load the Workspace and use the Display Manager >> Open document with default syling to load the featureclasses.


In the document (i.e datamodel) i have 60 - 70 featureclasses out of which i need enhanced stylisation only for 10.


Can i load the Default Display(which loads all the 70 featureclasses) and then remove the ten featureclasses for which i require enhanced styling and then once again the same using Data>>Connect to Data>> Topobase Data Source >>Identify and identify the 10 featureclasses. Is this a suggested approach?


Pls guide me




Govindarajan GIS Consultant

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Re: Enhanced Styles in Topobase 2011

07-12-2010 02:11 AM in reply to: tmgovind

Hi Govindarajan,


with regards to your second question - please have a look at TB documentation. You will find that your approach is exactly what the documentation suggests as well:


"You create a display model either by modifying the default model, or by using the Display Manager to style the feature layers from scratch. "

(Administrator Guides > Topobase Administrator Guide > Working with Display Models > 
Creating Display Models )


The documentation is available online:

I'm not aware of a tool which creates a preview for complex line styles.


Best Regards, Rob

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Re: Enhanced Styles in Topobase 2011

07-12-2010 05:17 AM in reply to: tmgovind

Dear Rob


Thanks for ur suggestions. Will refer to the link mentioned in ur response


Thanks Again



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