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Re: Touch Screen Interface

05-24-2013 05:47 AM in reply to: locobrotha
I have a touchscreen: granted it's a Win7 device (not keyboard), but the effect is still the same. if you are interested I blogged about it last year:
and here is another on a desktop setup (which addresses the keyboard limitation):
As you can see from true world examples, the program is just not there yet, and niether it the technology.
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Re: Touch Screen Interface

05-24-2013 11:12 AM in reply to: pendean

We need the Star Trek TNG "Okudagram" interface before it becomes practical.  And then there's the capital investment cost.


"Touching AutoCAD on the desktop"... erm... not sure I should "touch" that phrase, given the drizzle of forum spam.  :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Touch Screen Interface

05-24-2013 01:25 PM in reply to: pendean
Ah, interesting read there, Dean, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Touch Screen Interface

05-27-2013 07:10 AM in reply to: pendean

Dean, both of those links talk about the pinch-to-zoom feature, and both say  'bring together to zoom in, move apart to zoom out.'  This seems backwards to me.  On my Android, and on other touch-screen devices I've seen, it is always pinch together to zoom out and pull apart to zoom in.  Is this a typo, or an Autodesk 'feature' added to confuse?

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Re: Touch Screen Interface

05-31-2013 08:04 AM in reply to: locobrotha

I use a stylus a lot on my tablet. My fingers are on the larger side. I've also seen where someone used one of the 3d scanning interfaces from a gaming box, I forget which one, for an AutoCAD interface. I think I'd like that better.



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