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Some General Software Version Questions…..

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03-09-2013 06:34 PM

OK., from the title hopefully anyone that reads this will sort of know what I’m  asking about., or understand why I’m asking these question. Basically I’m just trying to see if anyone else has questions about the different versions of AutoCAD software out there, which ones seems to be the best and why it seems to be the best, or why you believe it may be better. As usual, I’m not looking to bash Autodesk or and other CAD software company. I just want to be able to justify reasons for upgrading, or not to upgrade because the version or perhaps 2 versions down the road may resolve any current problems, or issues.

1st thing I’d like to address is Student versus Commercial licensed versions. From working with both initially there seems to be no difference, other than the “Student Version” stamp that will not go away. Obviously this is by design and you can’t blame Autodesk protecting their right to anyone’s use of the software.  On several occasions I’ve told potential customers I will only accept a sketch or hard copy printout to recreate a drawing and will not use a file that was done from a student version. It may be my loss but I’d much rather be in a position to say I work ethically that to be that person looking over his or her shoulder because of a software violation and or personal lawsuit.

2nd thing is the 2011 “MEP” version of AutoCAD versus the standard AutoCAD2011. Again, from working with both I definitely see a difference as far as user interface, menus and the ease of going back and forth. I also have to say there is a difference when it comes to using the software for doing 2D work or 3D work. For regular 2D work, the regular AutoCAD seems to be the best. I have also used it to create 3D drawings using my old Rev14 commands (from the1990’s). That being said and moving ahead 20 years, from working with AutoCAD-MEP, to me it seems to be easier to create and manipulate 3D drawings. If this makes any sense, my personal preference with both versions is to use the “Old Pull down Menus”, or “Old Dialog Buttons” when working with 2 dimensional drawings and switch to the now standard “Ribbon interface” when working with 3D drawings. One other thing and I’m not sure if this is now a standard or just an annoyance thing but, it seems that since going to AutoCAD-MEP, on occasion we seem to acquire the “acad.lsp” files, which I have read is a non malicious virus, (acad.lsp showing up in file folders). So far nobody has been able to give me a valid answer to my post form 12-05-2012 other than to just delete the files. I’m hoping anyone that reads this may also have an answer on how to fix this.

Finally, 3rd but not least is about moving forward with newer versions. I have used AutoCAD2013 and in my opinion it seems to be a good version. The reason for not making a jump for me is plain and simple, cost. Also, after working with AutoCAD2012, and seeing some of the minor glitches that occur I would much rather use Acad2013. Knowing there are problems with Acad2012 is sort of holding us back from making a total upgrade. Even though we are on subscription for now we will just continue to use Acad2011, or Acad-MEP 2011.

I am curious as to what other CAD users are doing or have done when confronted with these question or issues. As usual any information that can help me to push forward is welcome.

Take care,

Milt Fitz (a.k.a.: Drafter1981)

Milt Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Drafter1981)
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Re: Some General Software Version Questions…..

03-12-2013 06:13 AM in reply to: Drafter1981

Seeing as how this is pretty much an AutoCad question, and this forum is for discussions about what kind of music or BBQ you like... I would suggest posting this question here:


But as a quick answer... which version is best is wide open depending on what you want to use the software for.  Different versions are better for different disciplines.




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