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Re: Inventor usage in Chicagoland area?

05-02-2013 12:44 PM in reply to: autocad.phil
Once I got onto subscription here, it was easy.

But, the additional hardware is a little bit of a struggle. To get plotters, I have to run it through finance as a 'project'. Computers are replaced regularly, but, we don't have a lot of wiggle room. I get an Autodesk approved graphics card, but, it's never high end because it goes through the company's preferred vendor. Oh, and I keep my old monitors, because they're special orders. I've had 2 monitors in 13 years, but, four or five computers (I swiped a second monitor that was retired).
It took a lot of begging and justification, but, I finally got a 64 bit pc... alas, they wiped off Windows 7 and replaced it with Windows XP... and trying to explain to the IT guys that I need a 64bit driver on our print server is like speaking greek. ~eyeroll~
But, I understand, with 30,000 employees and only a handful using Autodesk software, we'll be the oddballs.

Uh, I digress... I think.
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