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Re: Forums Feature Updates

08-09-2013 07:32 AM in reply to: TBasich

A pet peeve of mine from many sites, turning on new features without asking permission. Why can't you set these up to present the new feature when I log in then ask if I want it on or not? Isn't there enough traffic and junk out there that you all feel you must contribute to and add?

Yep, I'm steamed about being treated like an idiot by those who love their new features so much they feel compelled to shove it down everyone's throat. Gmail gave me a pop-up when I logged in, showed me their new recent featureset, gave me ways to change the settings. Very polite (sure, I turned almost all of it off LOL).

Show some manners: ask permission. Be a professional site, not a nanny-knows-best site.

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