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13 Yr Old Beginner: Best AutoDesk App for Locomotive Design?

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01-01-2014 07:47 AM
My 13 yr old has been drawing side/front/back locomotive elevations for a couple of years now.
He wants to design rolllng stock, locomotives and the engines that drive them (steam and diesel-electric).

What is the best AutoDesk app or app combo for him and his mechanical eng desires?
AutoCAD? Inventor? Other?

Thank you,
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Re: 13 Yr Old Beginner: Best AutoDesk App for Locomotive Design?

01-01-2014 12:47 PM in reply to: railman
I notice you're spending quite some time here, and more than one post, needing guidance for your son.
May I make a left-field suggestion instead: log into as many job search websites as you can find, and search for LOCOMOTIVE DESIGN ENGINEER job applicants, job openings, job offers and any 'mentoring' offers. Read carefully what these hopeful employees are offering as skills, what these employers are looking for in skills for the jobs offered, and seek out any opportunities your son can join and explore more on his own.

Unless you two are only looking for a drafting/drawing non-professional career path in which case I recommend a visit and some classes at a local community college after visiting with a counselor for guidance.

AutoCAD has no future in that industry. Inventor is not something you can just pick up without hands-on training and guidance. Other software packages not offered by autodesk may be even better for that industry, I doubt anyone around here can easily pinpoint which.

Good luck; you sound like a great parent.
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Re: 13 Yr Old Beginner: Best AutoDesk App for Locomotive Design?

01-01-2014 03:03 PM in reply to: pendean
Thank you very much for your suggestion.
In the interim while we explore this avenue, my son goes to engine modeler "shows" that are frequented by retired machinists one of which has begun using CAD/CAM to design and fabricate parts of early steam engines.
Which AutoDesk app(s) would be apropos?
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