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Update to Softimage 2015 Transition Plan

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03-07-2014 10:45 AM

Hi everyone,

When we created the initial Softimage transition plan our desire was to provide our customers with an easy, no-cost path to transition  to either 3ds Max or Maya.  We have been monitoring all of your feedback on the forums, including many direct conversations with our customers, and have made adjustments to the transition offering to address your concerns.  As we had previously announced, a program is available to all Softimage customers on Subscription providing you with the option of migrating to 3ds Max or Maya via a bundle that will include a Softimage license until April 2016.  Based on your feedback we will be adding the ability to continue to access Softimage indefinitely with your Subscription entitlement even after we stop support on Softimage in April 2016.   We have heard you and we want to make sure you can continue to be able to access your Softimage projects even after the retirement of Softimage.  Our intention was not to create more burden on you with this difficult change. 

As many of you have also asked about this, we would also like to clarify what will happen if you do not want to transition: your licenses will not stop working. Any licenses you have purchased are yours. They are perpetual licenses and will continue working whether you are on Subscription or not. You will continue to be able to contact support if you need to move a license to a new machine.


maurice patel


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Re: Update to Softimage 2015 Transition Plan

03-21-2014 08:39 AM in reply to: maurice.patel

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for clarifying it. I had one of my questions answered during the Q&A and it was helpful, and it was the following:

"I would like to buy a number of seats later on this year, would this be possible after the date March 28th? My start-up depends on it [but we can't buy the new seats within the month]."

I understand for those under subscription with Autodesk, this is possible with the Maya or Max transition seats.

I have to mention that I have only done development in XSI mod tool and don't have any licenses with Autodesk, nor Subscription. My previous licenses were to Silicon Graphics machines more than 15 years ago.

You three answered me that I could purchase new seats after that date, now I would like to know as to how?

Do I have to become an Autodesk subscriber before March 28th, or can I purchase the Maya+Softimage suite in the near future (end of the year) without any previous ties to Autodesk? If so, how? (And will SI still be available to download - and previous versions - after April 2016 to Autodesk customers?)

Yes, I'm beating a dead horse, I just want to garuntee a couple of years more of paying production in our small studio with the projects we are doing before we have to invest in another few years investment perfecting a new pipeline with new talent/skills/know-how/software...

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