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Video: Motion Study

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09-20-2013 08:53 AM

It's a cool feature, however my model spends most of the time with the computer hung when I try to use motion study. My model has a number of gears and I want to simulate the gear train in operation. A couple of questions:


1. Are there templates or simple ways to generate gears under Fusion 360? I have drawn mine in another CAD package (before Fusion 360 was available), so they've been imported as STL.


2. How can I speed up the calculations for the motion study? The gears each have rotational joints defined and each interaction of gear and pinion has a contact set defined. 


I'm using an iMac i7 quad core machine so I don't think it's lack of grunt that's making it slow.




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Re: Video: Motion Study

09-20-2013 09:13 AM in reply to: SymmWatch


Hi Will,


FYI - I moved this to a new thread.  Please reply to this one.


We do not have a template for gear generation.  Your method of generating the gear model with Inventor or the gear profile in AutoCAD then importing into your Fusion model is the best way currently.  TIP: Make sure you are generating the true gear profile for export. 


I would like to take a look at your design and see if I can offer some suggestions.  Can you add me and another guy to your hub?  Invite me using ( and invite Mike using ( I will take a look and offer some suggestions.  I have seen some cool geared models done with fusion and I can share with I have learned.  This will also give us a chance to see where we can improve the software.