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Temp. Work Flow for "Scale" and "Copy/Paste New" in the Parametric mode

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04-08-2014 05:08 AM

The "scale" and "Component Copy/Paste New" functions are not really working  in the parametric mode at this time. Even in the Create Base Feature mode. For the time being, before a fix could be updated next time, I had been using the following work flow to do the scaling.


1) Design your file in the parametric mode.

2) Save a version

3) Export to archive (put a local f3de file at your drive).


Close the file (Closing and reopening the file also solved the crashing problems when switching to the DM mode from Parametrics)

4) Edit the name of the file to reflect the DM mode. eg:  FileDM.f3d

5) Open the file

6) Stop the Recording Mode

7) Delete the TSplint bodies that are hidden in the parametric mode. You can also delete the sketches since they are not related to bodies anymore.  Actually you do not have to delete them but it is nice to have a cleaner file. After all they are all in the Parametric f3d.

8) Adjust your components and bodies.

9) Save a version  (in the new file name  eg: FileDM.f3d)

10) Export the  "FileDM.f3d"  to your local drive.


Now you can scale your model. If you want to go back to Parametric Mode you can import the parametric f3d back to the cloud.


This works for me. I hope this will provide a temporary fix to the scaling problem. But I think no matter what, it is always a good idea to archive the parametric file. Use the DM file for scaling. I will continue to do that.


I also found a way to make Independent Component Copies in the Parametric Mode. It is my reply at the other subject: "Independent copy in history mode " by Frank. click this:


Hope this little work around will solve most of our present problems.


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Re: Temp. Work Flow for "Scale" and "Copy/Paste New" in the

04-13-2014 11:02 PM in reply to: kingson138

Thank a lot for you to share it, Kingson.


We will add scale function on parametric design in future release.



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