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SVG import / sketch loops

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10-19-2013 01:41 AM



as you may already have suggested this is my Fusion360 learning weekend - that's why i'm posting so much questions and suggestions in here - i simply try to learn everything i haven't touched so far and of course all the new features after the update. One of which and a really important one for me is svg import.


I just played around with it and came across a problem. I imported an svg that i got out of illustrator. It's a companies Logo with a simple shape (just a figure with soft, curvy outline) and is a closed shape in illustrator - i can change outline and fill color without problems. After importing it into Fusion360 it shows me the outline in green and doesn't fill it. I can select single parts of the outline but can't seem to connect them to a closed loop. Is there some kind of repair function that can handle that for me? 

I did some test and created a simple rounded rectangle shape in illustrator and when i imported that it was fine in Fusion360 - a closed loop (black line) with a filled face inside.


I'm still curious about the black lines (actual curves?) and the green lines (so far i only knew them from projectons) and how they differ and are handled differently.


so basically 2 questions:


- how about the black and green lines

- how can i probably fix a shape/curve that has lines connected optically (and they really seem to share the same endpoints) but are not technically connected?


Thanks for helping!


P.S. Due to the shape beeing a companies logo that i was given for printing but not for publication i can't publish it here but i can give you access on the hub - just leave or PM your email address and i will.

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Re: SVG import / sketch loops

10-21-2013 02:00 AM in reply to: Helmi74

Thanks for sharing your observation with us. My answer/comment to your questions are as below:


1. Black and green lines: When the lines are fixed, they'll be green. And all the curves imported from SVG will be fixed. You can select all of them, right click and select 'Fix/UnFix' to unfix them.


2. How to fix a shape/curve: This is actually a known issue on our side and we've made some changes to fix this problem. They'll come in the near future. And you'd like to, please share the problametic file (the logo) with us and we'll take a look.


You can email me at: LiangDOTLiu@autodeskDOTcom. (The file will absolutely be used internally for testing purpose).



Macro Liu

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Re: SVG import / sketch loops

11-12-2013 04:39 PM in reply to: Macro.Liu_Autodesk

I'm having the same problem here. Screenshots attached.


Sending email momentarily. 

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