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creating projects and managing user access.

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09-07-2013 03:02 PM



I have a question related to importing cad data and sharing in fusion 360


Lets say I import a model into fusion. After the import, will the model be avalible for anyone to download? 

Do I have to invite someone first in order for them to download my model? 


as I understand, the model can be imported to the servers. But sharing has to be setup and managed via the groups tab in the fusion hub? The model does not simply get uploaded to a repository where anyone may have access correct?




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Re: creating projects and managing user access.

09-08-2013 06:12 PM in reply to: crfuentes

Hi Carlos!


Designs will automatically be shared with the participants of the group or hub that it was created or imported in. Should you wish to add additional recipients, you can do so by manually inviting them.


Here to help if additional clarification is needed, otherwise please accept as a solution so that others can benefit from this information.

Philip Schmelzer
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