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Best Practices - Assemblies

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04-07-2014 08:29 PM

When creating a design composed of multiple components and in parametric mode is it best to create each component in one design (sequentially creating components) or is it better to create the components individually and then create an assembly design and import each of the components?


By best I mean which method will provide greatest stability and versatility.  I realize there is probably not a "right" answer to this as it seems Fusion can do either.  I have noticed that when using the first method when I have created the first few components Fusion behaves nicely.  As I create more components and add assembly relationships it definitely becomes progressively less stable.  Something as simple as deleting a component can cause a crash.



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Re: Best Practices - Assemblies

04-13-2014 10:45 PM in reply to: quaverf
Thank you to bring up the topic!
Theoretically, Fusion can handle the both cases, but  the first approach look better, because it can better leverage Fusion's capability without managing multiple files.
If you meet any problem when you do modeling work, feel free to post them :smileyhappy:

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